The Newmar motorhomes have always been some of the popular ones. They offer luxurious amenities at a relatively customer-friendly budget. Being popular does not mean being free from problems, it too has some drawbacks.

The most drawbacks you might be facing are driving stability, dim headlights, cheap carpeting, faulty equipment, etc. Some of these are to be taken seriously, some you might be able to adjust with.

In this post, together we will discover Newmar RV problems in detail and go through their probable solution. If you are thinking about owning a Newmar RV, this post will be particularly useful to you.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance

Driving stabilityRequire regular maintenance
Not so bright headlightsReplace with aftermarket light
Faulty equipmentRepair or replace
Cheap carpetingRedo the carpeting
Slide-out getting stuckRequire professional diagnosis for a permanent fix
Squeaking soundLubrication would help

Newmar RV Problems and the Solutions

The Newmar RV comes with its fair share of problems. Problems and issues listed in the later section are the most common ones that can be found in Newmar RVs.

1. Driving Stability:

The RV is not home nor a car. It can cruise at 65 miles per hour while having the furniture of the home inside.

The ever-changing weight distribution and alignment shifting cause issues with driving stability. It is a common problem in many RVs, but in Newmar, RV has become a major issue.

The Fix:

The weight distribution around your vehicle is extremely important in keeping it stable when traveling at high speeds. Given this, shifting the position of most heavy furniture will allow you to resolve the issue.

Aside from that, the tires on your RV play a role in its performance. You must ensure that these are always filled with air.

Furthermore, the alignment on them must be reset every few months. This will assist you in keeping your motorhome straight when driving on a straight road.

2. Not So Bright Headlights:

With this expensive Newmar motorhome, you would expect to get the best of everything. But that is not the case when it comes to headlights.

If you thought it comes with a bright headlight then get ready to be disappointed. The headlight would barely help you when you venture on long dark roads. It does not shine as brightly as one would hope for.

So, when driving at night you will always have to keep a lookout around the road.

The Fix:

Although the stock headlights are not up to the mark, there are always aftermarket options. Aftermarket lights start from $75 and go up depending on the configuration.

Installing a suitable aftermarket headlight would solve this problem.

3. Faulty Equipment:

While there are a variety of minor difficulties that might arise with your Newmar RV, bear in mind that the majority of them are exclusive to a certain model.

If you are lucky enough, you might not face any problem, but it would be a rare case. As with most motorhome owners, you are also likely to face some too.

However, if you ever have any issues with your vehicle’s appliances or equipment. Check their setting and placement first. After that, you may begin by inspecting the wires on them.

The Fix:

Tightening these usually solves any issues you were having. If the equipment is defective, however, you must contact the Newmar support team. They will then assist you in obtaining a new RV appliance.

You will get this advantage if it is covered under the warranty. Otherwise, you will have to seek this equipment on the market.

4. Cheap Carpeting:

The stock carpet in Newmar RV not only feels cheap but also wears out quite early on.

A few people have complained about the poor carpeting in the cockpit. Carpet should not be put in the cockpit, according to Newmar, since it becomes soiled quickly.

But it is no excuse to use cheap carpets in this expensive piece of machinery.

The Fix:

There is only one fix available and that is changing the whole carpet. Throw out the cheap carpet as soon as it wears out and then bring a new one of your choice.

5. Slide-Out Getting Stuck:

Slides are part of the motorhome that can slide outward to make extra space inside the RV. These are very useful mechanisms, but they can cause quite a lot of trouble when they don’t work right.

The slide can get stuck due to a disruptive power supply, fault in mechanical parts, motor malfunction, if something gets stuck in the way, etc. This is a common problem in Newmar RV.

The Fix:

To get the stuck slide, you must keep the key in the ignition mode. The slides will remain closed if you don’t do this, as it’s a safety mechanism that prevents them from expanding while you’re driving.

If, on the other hand, your slides were stuck while being extended. Then it’s possible that their motor is malfunctioning. You’ll have to manually retract these and then have them checked at a nearby workshop.

6. Squeaking Sound:

A squeaking sound is produced in your motorhome when any part is damaged or when the circumstances are unstable. This noise must not be ignored since it may cause harm to the components.

It can also happen as a result of insufficient lubrication of various parts, which results in this sound owing to reduced friction.

This problem occurs when you do not provide adequate tunes to your autos for several years. It will degrade ideal operating conditions and shorten the life of many components.

The Fix:

Most of the time proper lubrication of parts will solve this problem. When doing so, also make there is enough hydraulic fluid in the chamber.

Doing regular maintenance would bring down the possibility of squeaking to a minimum.

What Majority of the Users Feel About?

It has become a common habit in the industry to maximize profit. So, manufacturers try to churn out as many units as possible as fast as possible. In this race against time, the quality drops.

Although there are no RVs that do not have any problems, how many problems a user has to face depends on the specific unit model. There is no saying which model might have how many little problems.

When it comes to Newmar RV, it is not much different except it comes with some luxurious amenities. So, it is up to each user to balance out the common problems against the benefits.

Final Thoughts

Newmar RVs are some of the luxurious ones out there. Most of the problems of this RV are not coherent across all the models. If you are lucky, you might not have to face anything at all. It depends a lot on luck.

But be prepared to solve some of the problems on this list if you are going forward with this. As many users reported these problems across different platforms across the internet.

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