The compact size and gas-saving engine have made Winnebago a popular choice among the audience with a strained budget. But as with most other campers, it also has to deal with its fair share of the problems too.

In these posts, I’ll be covering the most common Winnebago micro Minnie problems like water leaking, cheap parts, driving stability, etc. Also, we’ll try to find out sustainable solutions to all these problems.

Once you have finished reading this post, you will have a better understanding of whether it would be the right choice for you.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance

Winnebago Micro Minnie ProblemsSolutions
Water pump issueIdentify the leak
Cheap parts & smallReplace with better parts
Low-quality TV, fridgeRepair if possible, or look for an alternative
Hole in the floor under the sinkCover it when driving on a dusty road
Driving StabilityReplace the tires, keep air pressure at the optimal level
Small bathroomYou will have to adjust
Faulty ceiling lampCeiling lamps require tinkering
Roof made with rubberUse a protective seal on the roof

Winnebago Micro Minnie Problems and The Solutions

In this section, I am going to give you an in-depth look into each problem. Then I will dissect them to find the best solution that you can apply to them.

1. Water Pump Issue:

Most of the problem with water pump occurs during the winter. In the winter, the remaining water in the water pipes and pumps freezes, resulting in cracked and burst lines.

As people usually use the trailer in summer and store them in winter. Clearly, the manufacturer did not take it into account.

The Fix:

Once you’ve located the burst or broken line, you’ll need to cut it out and replace it with a new line using a slit. Then, you can join two ends using a compression union fitting and tighten everything with a wrench.

2. Cheap Parts & Small Cabinet:

On numerous platforms, some people have expressed their dissatisfaction with this issue.

Another key aspect of cabinets to be aware of is their size, as they are quite compact. Handles and drawers in the cabinet also feel flimsy.

The doors do not close correctly and can be difficult to use when you need to keep them shut to store items or keep undesired items out.

The Fix:

You will have to handle the cabinet a bit more carefully. Try not to push the parts to their limits. When it comes to compact size, you have to be cautious about the storage.

3. Low-Quality TV, Fridge:

There have been many reports that after a few months the tv and the fridge stopped working.

The most likely cause behind this could be that Micro Minnie tried to cut corners to save costs. As the part of the scheme they installed

The Fix:

The only fix to this problem is to replace them once they go bad. Also, when storing for a long time, occasional use those machines for a while at stretch. Because electrical devices tend to go bad when they are kept unused for a long time.

4. Hole In The Floor Under The Sink:

Under the sink, there is a hole in the floor. It directly connects the inside of your RV to the outside environment.

When going on a rough and dusty road, this hole becomes a doorway. Dust will enter the room and coat everything in your drawers and under the sink.

This hole could suck the fun out of your trip if you are not careful.

The Fix:

The fix for this problem is very simple. Just cover the hole with something heavy. Make sure the cover stays in place even during heavy vibration.

5. Driving Stability:

The steering is incredibly stiff, making it tough to maneuver your new travel trailer onto the road without difficulty.

You’ll have to pull over multiple times just in case there are any sharp corners coming up because these trailers aren’t equipped with as many safety features as they should be!

The Fix:

This problem can be partly solved by changing the tires. Replacing stock tires with thinner width would grant you better maneuverability.

Also, always remember to keep the tire pressure at the optimal level.

6. Small Bathroom:

Micro Minnie is meant for folks who are just getting started with travel trailers and does not require any additional space.

Because the bathroom in Micro Minnie is created for small places, it is not accessible to everyone. Even standing inside the toilet with your head touching the top of this small space will not feel comfortable if you are above six feet tall.

This makes it tough to utilize the shower because there isn’t enough room for everything, and if something falls, you’d have to pick it up on all fours.

The Fix:

To be honest there is no solution to this problem. If you are more than 6 feet or someone who will be tagging along with you for the trip, then this trailer is not for you.

7. Faulty Ceiling Lamp:

Many people have complained about Micro Minnie’s lights, and most of them are regarding ceiling lighting that can’t be turned on or off properly.

Remember where complaints against other RV trailers is that their light is not bright enough, here the light does not even turn on or off properly.

That means you will have a problem if you need extra light to complete anything while camping and your ceiling lamp isn’t working.

The Fix:

The problem could lie in the wiring, the power supply, or the light itself. So, you should take it to the professionals to diagnose and identify the exact problem.

8. Roof Made with Rubber:

Micro Minnie has a rubber roof that allows it extra mobility. Though it grants mobility, rubber is not the ideal material to make roofs with.

The roof will be destroyed by frequent exposure to sunshine and debris. When a roof is damaged, the only option is to replace it completely, which can be very costly.

The Fix:

If the damage to the roof is minor, you may simply begin using the protection seals. A duster must also be used to clean the trailer’s roof on a regular basis.

To ensure the roof’s longevity, add silicone sealer to it every few months.

What Majority of The Users Feel About?

The problems discussed in the section above are the major problems you are likely to face. Some of these problems annoyed seasoned campers so much that they rated it one start on many platforms.

The general consensus on this camper is not a friendly one. There have been many complaints and reaction posts on this camper that do not paint it in a positive light.

Final Thoughts

Some of the Winnebago micro-Minnie problems are very serious such as driving instability. If you are going for this camper, then you should at first contemplate the problems.

In case you think you can handle the problems considering other perks this trailer brings to the table, then by all means you can show the green light to your deal.

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