If you make a Shasta RV problems list, then you better have time in your hand. Because this camper is riddled with problems here and there.

Forest river’s Shasta brand is one of the most complained about brands when it comes to campers. From flimsy slides to incorrect wiring to poorly installed interiors, if you look on the internet you will find someone complaining about something.

Even though it is riddled with problems, there is no denying that it is one of the cheapest campers you will find. Also, it is normal that when you buy from this price range, you will have to face some difficulties.

In this post, we will go through these problems at length and look at possible solutions.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance

Shasta RV ProblemsSolutions
Flimsy slideProfessional help is required for a permanent fix
Cheap floor and wallsOverhauling is the expensive permanent solution
Low-quality fridge and furnaceReplace them if possible
Small ac mounted at floor levelGet a new portable ac
Incorrect wiringRequire expert professional
Poorly installed interiorTightening parts, nuts, and bolts would work
Auxiliary or grey tank has no indicator (in some models)Get a water flow meter

Shasta RV Problems and the Solutions

From a list of problems, I have chosen the most vocal ones. These are problems most people are shouting about on the internet. So, hopefully, if you can get these covered, you will be on the safe side.

1. Flimsy Slide:

Slides are integrated into the RV trailer to make extra room for camping. Once you have set up the camper on the spot, you can take out the slider to make extra room inside.

There have been a few reports that sliders in Shasta RV are flimsy in nature. They can easily break or get leaked.

Once they break or leak, it will be open season for air and water to mess with the interiors.

The Fix:

The fix is simple. Call a professional to take a look once it gets leaked or breaks.

Another option is to change the slide before it ruins your camping trip. You will have to spend if you are thinking about replacing the whole slide.

2. Cheap Floor and Walls:

The coating over the floor and walls are of low quality. They only last a few days.

Especially during extreme cold or hot weather, you are likely to see the floor coatings ripping off.

On top of that, due to lack of finishing floor and walls might get bent in places during extreme weather.

The Fix:

If you want to fix these problems once and for all then you will have to do a full overhaul. The mechanics will rip off everything and install new parts and components as needed.

The cheaper option is to put a new coating on every once in a while.

3. Low-Quality Fridge and Furnace:

The stock fridge and furnace have questionable quality. There have been quite a few reports on their sub-par performance.

The fridge and furnace tend to stop working randomly. In the worst case, they continuously stop working. This would be a troublesome behavior if this happens during a camping trip.

The Fix:

At first, make sure the power works properly the whole time. It is common for power sources to interrupt the power supply during constant vibration.

If the power source passes the check, then check if there is anything wrong with the fridge or the furnace.

Both of these stock machines are some cheap knock-offs, it would be better if you could replace them altogether.

4. Small AC Is Mounted at Floor Level:

This is a weird setting forest river chosen for the air condition placement. They placed it at the floor level.

As the cold air is heavier than hot air, ACs are placed on the upper section for better air circulation. So that, the room gets cool quickly.

Placing it on floor level defeats the purpose and reduces efficiency.

The Fix:

Due to the compact nature of the design of this camper, there is not much you can do. There is no alternate place where you can move the AC. If you are desperate then you will have to make a custom place on your own.

Or, you can get another portable AC that you can place anywhere in the upper section.

5. Incorrect Wiring:

The wiring setup is not efficient at all. At times it causes power outage on account of mild vibration.

The underlying wires are set up in a way that makes it very hard to modify the existing outlets. Or, to install new outlets inside.

Even if you ask Forest river for the internal wiring diagram, there is no guarantee when you will get it. They have made it very difficult for the average user to re-wire the system.

The Fix:

The only fix that can yield positive results is if you ask for professional help. Unless you have enough experience or expertise to take everything and redo the wiring yourself.

6. Poorly Installed Interior:

Most of the interior parts in this RV have a low-quality build. On top of that, most of them are poorly installed.

They tend to break, get loose, and even get stuck on slight rough usage. A broken wardrobe drawer or bent handle can make your camping trip difficult.

The problem is there is no saying on which one might get tipped off when, so you will always have to be on your toes.

The Fix:

My advice is to only change or repair the interior once it gets bent or broken or gets affected in a similar way. As it is not possible to determine which one might get affected early on.

7. Auxiliary Or Grey Tank Has No Indicator (In Some Models):

In some models, there is no indicator that conveys how much water is left. So once the primary tank is emptied, you will have to rely on your wit instead some indicator that is supposed to let you know how much water is left.

If you forget to keep track, you are likely to get in trouble with water management.

The Fix:

There are many water flow meters available for RV water tanks. These meters let you know how much water has been flown through the pipe.

Installing one of these would make your life a bit easier.

What Majority of the Users Feel About?

Contemplating only the shortcomings of the Shasta RV might be stereotyping. What you have to remember is what it offers at this price point.

As with low-budget trailers, you will have to be patient. Most of these trailers come with different problems and you will have to sort them one by one.

This trailer does not have any major issues. So, you will have them sorted in no time. In short, most users would not have to face a hard time if they prepared beforehand.

Final Thoughts

Considering the price range, Shasta RV does not have much difference from its counterparts. This post was made to make you aware of what you might be getting into, not to discourage you to get one of these.

Because even if you get something different you will still have to deal with different problems.

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