As the palomino puma is one of the lower-end trailers, you can expect to deal with different problems every now and then. But how severe are these problems? Can they ruin your trip? Will you need professional help? In this post, we will be discussing these problems at length.

The most common problem of this budget trailer is leaky plumbing, improper wiring, stretched gas hose, cosmetic issues, and a few more. Some of these would require immediate attention, with some you will have to seek professional help.

So, let’s get going. Going forward we will have an in-depth look at these problems and discover different ways to fix them.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance

Palomino Puma ProblemsSolutions
Leaky plumbingThe cheapest option would be to tighten the joint
Improper wiringSeek professional help to rewire the electrical wires
The freshwater tank hangs lowInstall a tank guard
Stretched LP gas hoseGet longer cable
Doors, knobs & windowsChange them for something better
Cosmetics issuesYou will need to change materials
The heater, freezer stops workingSeek professional help from the dealer
Poor after-sale serviceContact through the dealer

Palomino Puma Problems and the Solutions

Here I’ll be discussing the common problems you are likely to face in your palomino puma. But do not worry, alongside the problems there will be solutions too.

1. Leaky Plumbing:

It is one of the common issues of low-budget trailers, this complaint sometimes even comes from mid-budget users too. But the leaks from palomino are different as they can ruin your trip.

Setting up a whole plumbing system in a trailer is hard enough already. To save a budget the manufacturers often cut corners. That is where the problem begins.

The Fix:

The fix is simple enough and it is recommended for all trailer owners.

The best action is to tighten the nuts, bolts, and joints yourself. You can also take it to the professionals too. Whatever floats your boat.

If water still leaks, then you should contact the dealer or the manufacturer.

2. Improper Wiring:

Due to improper wiring are likely to have power outages, wire melting, leaks from the electrical board, etc.

In the best case, there could be power disruption. In the worst, it can cause a fire. This problem can get serious at anytime, anywhere.

The Fix:

It can get expensive to rewire all the electrical cables and outlets. Instead of expending this much, you can seek help from a professional to do a checkup before each trip.

Also, keep up with the routine maintenance schedule to avoid any mishaps on your part.

3. Freshwater Tank Hangs Low:

The freshwater tank in this trailer hangs too low. As a result, when going through even terrain the tank is most likely to take the hit.

A strong hit can put a permanent dent in the tank. In the worst case, the tank can break open.

For the tank position, you will have to pay extra attention to the road you are driving on.

The Fix:

One way to fix this problem can be by installing a guard around the tank. Although, it is not the best solution as the tank is still likely to get hit when going through rough roads.

With some heavy modification, you might be able to lift the tank up, but that would still be too expensive.

Otherwise, you can try to avoid rough roads as much as possible.

4. Stretched LP Gas Hose:

The gas hose given with the propane tank is stretched at full length where it connects with the trailer port.

During driving on uneven roads, shakes and vibrations can cause it to get detached. It can cause severe accidents if it gets detached when in use.

The Fix:

You will need longer pipe hose for the propane gas tank. Installing one of them might save you from some big trouble.

5. Doors, Knobs & Windows:

Recently, quite a few users reported that the palomino used cheap parts when it came to doors, knobs & windows. Many said that these items broke on the first day of camping.

Broken doors, windows, and knobs can put you in an uncomfortable position. They can cause a big headache anywhere, anytime.

The Fix:

It is better not to wait for anything bad to happen to these things for you to change them.

As there is no guarantee of how and where they might break, you should not take any risk. The best thing to do will be to sell these parts and install quality parts instead.

6. Cosmetics Issues:

The color coat on different parts of the trailer gets detached very quickly.

This issue lowers the level of protection of different parts. Once the coat is no longer on the object, it is subject to different punishments from the harsh weather inside and outside of the trailer.

The Fix:

After a few campsite visits, you are likely to notice the issue. Then you can re-color or re-coat parts that need it.

It is better to apply coating all over the area.

7. Heater, Freezer Stops Working:

There are records of the freezer or heater randomly stopping working.

There is a good chance that this low-quality equipment will give up on you. Both the heater and the freezer can single-handedly ruin your camping trip.

On top of that, the insulation system is not that reliable too.

The Fix:

If you don’t want to spend money on a new freezer or heater, you should thoroughly check the system for probable faults. You should take help or let a professional do the checking.

I would recommend you to change the full system so that you can relax you have a reliable piece-on machine operating inside the trailer.

8. Poor After-Sale Service:

Palomino’s after-sale service is poor by every standard. It seems like there are too many red tapes when it comes to servicing your trailer.

Also, you are likely to have a hard time trying to reach them based on reports from other customers.

The Fix:

Whatever you do, try to do it through the dealer. This way, the dealer will handle most of the work.

What Majority of the Users Feel About?

Palomino Puma is just an example of bad craftsmanship. If you buy this one, for the first few trips you will be spending solving issues.

Once the common issues are sorted, you can relax and go camping. However, I would like to add there is luck involved in this investment as well.

Because a wide source of reports claimed a wide range of problems. There are only a few problems that got mentioned by most of the users.

So, which problem you might face will depends on factors like how you drive, the condition of the road, where you camp, etc.

Just be sure you will have to sort a few problems on your own, but it is tough to guess which ones.

Final Thoughts

Palomino Puma is a cheap trailer that lies in the low-budget range. The makers cut corners to make it more affordable and that is where things went wrong.

If are just starting out with camping, do not have a plan to embark on any serious trip anytime soon, and also trying to save a few bucks. Then, this unit can be an option.

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