The 1685 model of Lance is a great recreational vehicle. But it is one of their less popular models. However, it is still a fantastic RV that is underestimated at times.

Screws of the bathroom door falling off, the rooftop becoming concave in shape are some common issues. Broken fiberglass due to slide roller and poor customer service are also some issues that can’t be ignored.

Some of these most prevalent issues that customers confront might be the explanation for the models’ lack of popularity. Here are some of the most common obstacles, along with simple solutions.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance

Lance 1685 ProblemsSolution
Bathroom Door Screws Fall OffUse screw locking agent and washers
Roof DeformingReplace the roof and drain the water
Slide Roller Damaging the FiberglassInstall smaller rollers and fix the fiberglass
Poor Customer ServiceSeek help from your dealer

Lance 1685 Travel Trailer Problems and the Solutions:

Let’s look at the issues I have mentioned above in detail:

1. Bathroom Door Screws Fall Off:

This will be a pretty common problem if you own a Lance 1685. I bet that you’ve discovered screws on the floor while on a ride or after you’ve completed one.

This frequently happens when you’re on a lengthy trip in an RV. The screws might sometimes detach themselves due to bumpy roadways. The bathroom door and the mounts, in particular, are the most vulnerable to this problem.

The unexpected fall of the bathroom door has also been observed by users. This might happen if all of the screws loosen and fall out.

The Fix:

If you have to tighten the screws now and then, you might be asking how to remedy the problem. Yes, that is a temporary solution.

However, for the door and the mounting, you might consider purchasing new, higher-quality screws. Additionally, various washers can be used to improve tension.

A screw locking agent can also be used. Apply it to the screw before tightening it. After that, tension them tightly. This will prevent them from becoming loose or falling off in the future. You can use this product from Amazon.

2. Roof Deforming:

This is the most widespread issue with Lance’s RV model. From the exterior, the roof will take on a concave form over time. As a result, if it rains, the roof will be flooded with water.

This is a significant drawback since the water that has gathered on the roof is difficult to drain. It can also result in a lot of leaks. In addition, if your RV has any leaks, the interior will be soaked in rainwater.

The Lance 1685’s rooftop is initially flat, even though it should have been convex from the start.

However, as the RV ages, it deteriorates and deforms. As a result, customers are exposed to a significant danger of water leakage.

The Fix:

Installing new sealants will temporarily cure the water leaks. The concave roof, on the other hand, will still contain water. As a result, you’ll either need to rebuild the roof or convert it to a convex shape.

This is a lengthy procedure. You’ll have to remove your Lance 1685’s complete roof. You’ll also need new rafters that have to be cut and curved to create a convex structure.

This will also be quite costly. So, if you notice any dents on your roof, have them mended right away before they become irreversibly deformed.

3. Slide Roller Damaging the Fiberglass:

The Lance 1685’s slide includes rollers that let it slide. The fiberglass, however, is damaged by the rollers beneath the slide. After a few months of use, the degradation of the slide will become visible.

From the outside edge of the slide, black stains will be visible. This will continue the whole path of the roller slide. As a result, the fiberglass will rip off over time.

The plywood beneath the fiberglass will be visible if the fiberglass peels off. As a result, it may suffer from severe damage.

The Fix:

The location of the rollers and the fiberglass cannot be changed. You should submit it to your dealer to be repaired if it is severely damaged.

Smaller rollers are also available for the slide. Then you should get new ones to replace the old ones. Some users appeared to benefit from this.

Do not hesitate to restore the fractured area if the plywood is exposed owing to broken fiberglass. Plywood may easily be harmed. The cost of repairing the plywood will be higher than the cost of fixing the fiberglass.

4. Poor Customer Service:

Most of the complaints from Facebook and RV Insider are about the bad customer service of the company. It was good before 2018, but it deteriorated considerably when REV Group purchased the firm.

Customers claim the REV organization is mainly interested in selling new RVs. It is not their goal to provide warranty assistance or to resolve problems.

The company is known to suggest that customers go to the nearest dealer for any repair or replacement job.

Customers often express dissatisfaction with the service’s reliability. They sometimes have to come back with the same problem over and over again.

The Fix:

If you’re considering purchasing a new Lance RV, keep this issue in mind when you make your selection. There is no problem if you believe the dealer can assist you with repairs and replacements.

You shouldn’t have to rely on their customer support if you can perform the hard job of repairing something yourself. 

What Majority of the Users Feel About Lance 1685 Travel Trailer?

The Lance 1685 received many mixed reviews. But most of the customers have an issue with the customer service being bad.

One user from the RV Insider forum has said that he had faced leaks in his bathroom vent and kitchen vent. After fixing the issue with $35,000, the leaks appeared again after 45 days.

There are also many satisfied customers in the forums. One customer said that he greatly enjoyed his rides in his Lance 1685. He was also happy with the construction quality.

Judging by the reviews, you can see that the service has dropped significantly after 2018.

Final Thoughts

The Lance 1685 is a fantastic little camper. Their service has degraded since they are no longer owned by their founders.

But if you are looking for an RV with a great price, this is a great choice. If you’ve run into any of the issues I’ve described, follow the steps in this guide.

Also, be sure to maintain the RV regularly to avoid problems in the future.

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