If you are looking forward to buying an Arctic Fox truck camper, you might be wondering about the typical issues. Yes, there are some things that you should be concerned about.

Broken rooftop, electrical problems, weak interior, bad tires, toilet issues, and sink issues are the most common problems among Arctic Fox truck camper users.

But don’t worry, I’ll tell you about these issues today along with the simplest solutions to these issues.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance

Arctic Fox Truck Camper ProblemsSolution
Broken RooftopRepair or upgrade the surface
Electrical ProblemsUse cable rolls and upgrade USB ports
Weak InteriorInstall better sealing
Bad TiresAvoid bumpy roads
Toilet and Sink IssuesApply clog busters

Common Arctic Fox Truck Camper Problems:

Here is a list of issues that you should be aware of if you own an Arctic Fox truck camper.

1. Broken Rooftop:

The roof of your truck camper may become bloated or exfoliated if you’ve been using it for a long period. The heat is to blame for the roofing panel coming free.

When you park your RV in the sun for an extended period, the heat may severely damage your roof. It can heat the rooftop panel’s adhesive. It’s possible that the ceiling will bubble up in this instance.

The adhesive must cure correctly during the installation of roofing. If the procedure is not followed correctly, the roofing will be vulnerable to severe thermal damage.

The Fix:

You’ll need to repair the Arctic Fox truck camper’s rooftop if it becomes torn due to overheating. Fresh new roofing will set you back roughly $6,000 to replace.

If a problem emerges soon after purchasing the truck camper, you should contact customer service and make use of the warranty.

Before purchasing one, be sure to inspect the roofing for any small bubbles. It’s also possible that the adhesive isn’t completely dry. If that’s the case, you’ll want to seek a different model.

2. Electrical Problems:

Several forum members have expressed dissatisfaction with the Arctic Fox truck camper’s electrical system. The refrigerator must run on gas or electricity all of the time.

A water supply pipe is located near several electrical wires on the pressure-demand pump. These dangling cables are hanging dangerously on top of the hose, potentially causing severe damage.

On both sides of the bed, there are USB ports. When they are turned on, they produce a high-pitched sound. Many users’ sleep has been disrupted by this unpleasant noise.

The Fix:

You have to manually secure the hanging wires on top of the pressure-demand pump to avoid any accidents. To secure the system, you can buy surface cable raceway rolls. These will provide enough safety.

The USB ports on either side of the bed are of poor quality considering the price of the truck camper. It will be better if you replace the USB systems.

If you install a better upgrade, the noise will go away. The charging will also improve. You can buy a 4 port USB panel on amazon for $30.

3. Weak Interior:

Due to heavy traveling, the dynamic loading can weaken the fitting. If the fitting breaks during the pump’s activity, no water might come out.

If the pressure is released, it will cause the pump to suddenly kick back on. This will cause the water to pour out of the broken fitting. As a result, the basement will be full of water.

After using it for a couple of months, the table trim might decay. Also, the weather sealing fails to do its job.

If you open the hampers beside the bed in cold weather, you might heavy cold. Moisture and dust collect inside as a result of this.

The Fix:

If the fitting is weakened or broken, you have to change or repair it immediately. Ignoring this situation might cause you a lot of trouble in the future due to water overflow.

You might have to install better sealing after using the truck camper for a couple of months. If you see any sign of deterioration, take your RV to an auto shop and install a high-grade sealing system.

4. Bad Tires:

Most of the Arctic Fox truck campers have been built with the best tires in the market. But still, there are a lot of user complaints in various forums. They have had trouble with their tires.

Your tires might blow out if you drive the truck camper on bumpy roads. Stones, pebbles, or big rocks in the road can be a massive issue. Also, driving on damaged roads may cause damage.

If you put too much air into the tires, they can sometimes blow out. As a result, the tires become less flexible and reliable. 

The Fix:

Be cautious when you inflate the tires and do not overdo it. Also, when driving for a long time, be sure not to let the tires’ pressure go too low.

Inspect the air pressure regularly. If it goes out very often, you might need to change the tires.

If you lift heavier weights, the tire can become more damaged. Also, you should not go off-roading anywhere. Be careful on roads if you see any bumps or stones.

5. Toilet and Sink Issues:

The Arctic Fox truck camper’s sink usually gets clogged. If the drain gets blocked, there might be objects inside which are not supposed to get in there.

Sometimes, lots of hairs or food chunks may jam the sink pipes. Not using the sink regularly might also be one of the issues.

The toilet flush might also clog or have flushing issues. This is a very big headache for RV-ers. 

The Fix:

If the sink pipe gets jammed, I suggest you to use some clog-busting product. Clog Buster is a good option for you. Pour the product into the sink pipe and wait for half an hour for the best result.

After 30 minutes, the pipes should be clear. If it does not help, you should clear the pipes manually and get rid of hard objects.

If the toilet fails to flush, check the pipes for water flow. If water is not present, you should get professional help.

What Majority of the Users Feel About Arctic Fox Truck Camper?

The Arctic Fox was a famous brand in their time. But still, customers had many concerns.

A user on Rv.net said that he had problems with bubbles on the truck camper’s surfaces.

Some people have also complained about the slider breaking the shear pin. This user from IRV2 is one of the sufferers.

Final Thoughts

The Arctic Fox is a very famous truck camper among RV users. But it also faces many drawbacks after using it heavily.

This article provides information about the most common problems with this truck camper. So, if you are facing any of these issues, follow this guide.

Hopefully, you will be able to get rid of most of the problems.

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