A Detailed List of Used Damon Challenger Problems

There are many arguments on both sides of the fence when it comes to making the decision to buy a brand-new RV trailer or a used one. There is no arguing that you will have to sort out quite a few problems with the new RVs. But are the used ones that different?

The used Damon challenger problems aren’t numerous but they vocally exist. You will have to deal with problems like engine issues, delamination, defective couch, weak stairs, and quite a few others.

Even though the earlier owner may have solved many issues, you are still likely to face some of these.

Don’t be worried! There is always a method to solve an issue. In this post, I’ll go through all of these concerns and their solutions in depth.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Problems with Tiffin Allegro Red 33AASolutions
Faulty furnaceTake it to the repair shop
Defective couchA little tweaking would solve it
Small bedroomRearrange the bedroom
DelaminationStay on top of regular maintenance
Leaky windowUser sealers
Engine issuesRequire regular maintenance
Weak stairwellReinforce it
Seals come off easilyApply seals again
OSB board floorReplace the board if necessary

Common Problems with Used Damon Challenger and The Solutions:

1. Faulty Furnace

A user said on an internet platform, that when you initially switched on the furnace, it would light up, but it would not light up again until you shut it off and let it sit for many hours.

The furnace would cause trouble from time to time. If the furnace breaks down during camping in winter, you will be in a lot of trouble.

The Fix:

You should take it to a repair shop or the dealer for proper diagnosis. Then, they can find out the problem and fix them for you.

2. Defective Couch

The drawer under the couch tends to get stuck all the time. In most cases, it happens due to the lack of finishing. When the slider and wheel do not work together, the drawer gets stuck.

The Fix:

To fix this problem you can pull out the whole drawer and look for the defect. There must the someplace where the slider and wheel do not align or parts get stuck in places. Fixing that issue will solve the problem.

3. Small Bedroom

The bedroom space in this RV trailer is really small, there is no arguing at this point. It is almost impossible to accommodate three people in this bedroom.

This is a bedroom perfect for single or two persons. Even then, they might feel the space is still too small.

The Fix:

There is hardly anything you can do about this. The only solution could be re-decorating the place to make it more efficient. You could try installing smaller, space-efficient furniture to save some space.

4. Delamination

Delamination is the loss of coating adhesion between a layer and surface. As RV trailers get older, they become more and more prone to delamination.

You are likely to notice colors getting off the surface in different places in the trailer. This is a highly likely scenario as you are getting a used trailer.

The Fix:

Regular maintenance is the key to avoiding delamination. Keep the surface of the trailer clean. Do not miss any scheduled maintenance. And fix any delamination you notice as quickly as possible so that they do not spread.

5. Leaky Window

There have been some reports of windows getting leaked. Once any window gets leaked it won’t bode well for interiors. The window will let in water if it rains.

That will create a ton of inconvenience for you and your travel partner. And the worst thing is, it is really hard to notice once the window gets leaked.

The Fix:

You can avoid such circumstances by staying on top of maintenance.

6. Engine Issues

Engine issues are not uncommon in used RVs. The Damon challenger is not any different. There have been several reports on different engine issues.

There is a good chance you will have to deal with these issues if you are getting a used Damon challenger.

The Fix:

There is no permanent fix when it comes to the engine. You can keep them at bay by performing regular maintenance.

7. Weak Stairwell

The stairs on this RV are weak by any standard. Out of all the places, the manufacturers decided to cut costs in this part.

The stairs could break if you put excess pressure on them. It also shakes vibrantly if the pressure goes beyond the limit.

The Fix:

The best solution is to reinforce the stairs as soon as you get your hand on them.

8. Seals Come Off Easily

The seals on this RV tend to come off quite easily. If you are getting an old used Damon challenger then there is a high chance that the seals on this trailer are already broken.

The Fix:

The solution is to apply to seal all over the trailer. Take out all the seals and then apply new sealers in the required places. Taking it to a repair shop to do this will possibly render the best result.

9. OSB Board Floor

As the manufacturers used OSB floorboards, you will have to stay cautious about water all the time. Because OSB floorboard loses its strength as it gets into contact with water.

The Fix:

The best solution is to remove the OSB board and install boards that can handle water well. You can also apply sealer on the OSB board to keep the water away.

What Majority of the Users Feel?

The majority of customers have mixed thoughts regarding the used Damon challenger. Their evaluation spectrum ranges from great to worse. And, there are different opinions on each segment.

One comment on an online platform said “Beautiful looking coach.  Very comfortable to drive and park.  Lived in for 4 years while working camping and visiting National Parks and other interesting areas. Floor plans give you 3 different rooms so homier.”

While there are comments such as “only big problems so far has been the `rotten green switch` for the auto parking brake. The other is the ignition switch went out. Both these are problematic for the Workhorse chassis. Have made modifications to both, and so far, it has worked.”

As a result, you may believe that the experience differs from person to person, which is due to RV manufacturers’ need to produce as many units as possible as fast as feasible.

Final Thoughts

There is no perfect trailer that you can watch without difficulty. You will face several issues down the road sooner or later.

The challenges with the used Damon Challenger are not limitless. With some time, focus, and money, you will be able to sort them out. Furthermore, buying a used trailer eliminates the need to deal with minor issues.

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