Fuzion toy hauler’s company was founded in 1996 and was purchased by Thor Industries in 2001. The garage space is quite praiseworthy. The security and tail/brake lights and cargo ram-loading lights are quite nice as well. You can use the ramp door for the garage as a porch to have a personal private outdoor space. 

However, Fuzion toy hauler problems can put you in a difficulty sometimes.

Some of the most common problems with the Fuzion toy hauler are furnace problems, low-quality materials, and fixtures, structural leaks, electrical and wiring issuesand many more. 

But why do the problems happen? How long does the RV last without these problems? Can you solve these problems? In this article, I will collectively answer all these questions. Stay tuned till the end!

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Problems with Fuzion Toy HaulerSolutions
Furnace issues/ fuse problemReplace the plug, check the temperature
Air conditioner issueCheck the proper voltage, get the vent cleaned
Flimsy structural partsReplace them and need proper maintenance
Slide out issuesRemove the foreign objects and use lubricants
Overheating issuesTake professionals’ help

Common Problems with Fuzion toy hauler and the Solutions:

You may experience Fuzion toy hauler problems due to many reasons. Here are some of the reasons and how to solve them.

1. Furnace Issues 

The furnace is important for your keystone toy hauler to give you more freedom to explore further off-grid regardless of the less than favorable temperatures. But some of the owners of this hauler reported that the fuse kept popping out of the plug. 

The owners are looking for an easy and quick solution as they got frightened by any issues with the furnace.

Again, the furnace was not starting – according to some owners. They told that their furnaces suddenly stopped working. The furnaces either got cut out or didn’t get lighten.

On the other hand, the furnace was lit but no heat came out. It can happen for the wrong setting of the temperature of the thermostat.

The fan settings also didn’t work properly.

The Fix:

There are multiple issues with the furnace. Let’s check the fixes for different types of problems.

To resolve the issue of the fuse that keeps coming out of the plug, you need to replace the plug by yourself. You can also try to gently squeeze the connections together slightly to hold the fuse in position more firmly.

For the faulty connection within the furnace, the furnace stops working. Check all the connections and if you find any of the connections loose, firmly connect them.

If you are doing it by yourself, use a multi-meter to check the stable current reading which will be 12v. If you get below 12v, any issue might happen. Then you have to check the batteries.

If you are not getting the proper heat, adjust the thermostat to the desired temperature. Sometimes the built-in sensor doesn’t work properly for the unclear sensor. So, rub off any excess carbon on the sensor with a little sandpaper.

Examine whether the flame covers at least half of the sensor or not.

Check the fan settings to see whether the heat being generated is circulating or not. Keep the fan, pilot light tube, thermocouple, sensors, and gas flow restrictor valve clean.

2. Roof Air Conditioners

One of the customers of the Fuzion toy hauler reported that the air conditioner didn’t get cold enough.

The temperature got down to a warm 84 – according to the owner. Sometimes, the unit ran but the coil froze and the compressor cycled too soon. It would not operate eventually.

The Fix:

There are some definite fixes for the multiple issues with the air conditioner. If the ac doesn’t get cool enough –

  • Start the unit before the day gets too hot.
  • Close all the ventilations and doors
  • Avoid using heat-producing appliances.
  • Make sure the outside coil is not blocked or damaged.
  • Get checked the proper voltage by the dealer

Though the unit runs, the coil can get frozen and the compressor can cycle too soon. So, in this case –

  • Ensure that the filter is clean and unobstructed
  • The control setting may be too slow. So, have the coolant level checked by a qualified service facility.

If the ac doesn’t work, always make sure there is proper voltage from the generator.

3. Structural Issues

Many people are satisfied with this toy hauler but some owners said that this camper didn’t meet their expectations.

There were reports of screws falling out, loose fixtures, flimsy hinges on cabinet doors, peeling veneer on doors, etc.

The Fix:

These problems are common for other RVs too. The main way to resolve these issues is to take proper maintenance. Replace the flimsy parts with sturdier ones. This may cost you some investment.

And contact the dealers to solve the issue. If the toy hauler is under warranty, Fuzion should be responsible for fixing the issues.

4. Slide-out Issues

Some customers mentioned the slide-out issues. The power supply system in the slide-out went wrong. A foreign object can cause the issue as well. The rail system can get twisted.

The lack of proper lubrication can cause a worn-out rail system. You may also encounter a leaking issue in slide out.

The Fix:

To solve the electrical or power system issue, check the wiring or battery, or blown fuse. Remove the foreign object while inspecting the damaged slide out. For the leaking issue, you can treat the issue with a new sealant.

You should take the help of experts to solve the issues.

5. Overheating Of Generator

The customers reported that their generators got overheated from time to time. This can happen for the wiring issues, clogging of the vents, faulty operation, etc.

The Fix:

The fix to overheating issue is easy. If you notice anything wrong with the fluid level, take help from a professional mechanic. Always clean the vents to radiate the heat.

Some Recalls


Problem: The solar controller may be incorrectly wired, causing certain components and safety alarms, such as carbon monoxide and propane gas detectors, to become inoperable.


Problem: The generator transfer switch may be incorrectly wired with the transfer switch “Line” wiring (shore cord) and “Load” wiring (power center wiring) reversed, allowing the generator power to energize the shore power connection. 

What Majority of the Users Feel About Fuzion Toy Hauler?

The users have mixed experiences with the toy haulers from keystone Fuzion.

The interior design can blow your mind. The look of this trailer grabs the attention of everyone who stays in it.

Everyone loves the GFI duplex receptacles, a fireplace with surround, mirrored medicine cabinet, and the porcelain toilet with a foot flush in the bathroom. 

This Keystone Fuzion makes the camping an adventurous and memorable one as it is large enough to bring everything a family or couple would need on their camping adventures. This can fit large families like up to 8 people.

The kitchen with a built-in table with four swing-out stools can easily be tucked away when not in use. The queen-sized bed with plenty of under-bed storage is also appreciable. 

On the other hand, there are some problems like furnace problems, low-quality materials, and fixtures, structural leaks, electrical and wiring issues, and frustrating customer service persist.

If we look at some of the comments of the owners –


The power sports enthusiasts love Keystone RV Fuzion fifth wheel toy haulers! Big garages for your dirt bikes, motorcycles, and open-concept floorplans – all of these will inspire you to buy this one.

However, there are some common Fuzion toy hauler problems that should be kept in mind while buying a toy hauler from the market. 

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