Who Makes Gulf Stream Rv

With such a wide range of RV brands available, choosing one can be a problem for many of us. To talk of that, Gulfstream Coach is a well-known name in the RV industry.

But do you know who makes Gulfstream Rvs? The Shea company has been the manufacturer of Gulfstream for the last 30 years. Though they are now associated with THOR, Shea still has its name on it.

However, it’s imperative to understand everything you can about the brand by looking at some crucial facts about them before putting your toes in or jumping into the metaphorical RV lake.

Who Makes Gulf Stream Rv

Who Makes Gulfstream Rv?

The Shea family is the sole owner and manufacturer of Gulfstream Rv. Since 1971, they have been making the fundamental equipment for Gulfstream and now, they are one of the most renowned Rv makers throughout North America.

The Shea family began and continues to own Gulf Stream, a top producer of a full line of RV products, in 1971 in the sleepy Indiana town of Nappanee. Jim Shea Sr, The founder, was particularly drawn to the tradition of craftsmanship found in Nappanee.

Its ties to Amish and Mennonite traditions of handcrafted furniture and homes were still strong, and to the distinctly entrepreneurial energy of Elkhart County, Indiana. Today, Gulf Stream Coach, which includes 22 brands and over 140 different RV models.

About the Manufacturer

The Shea family founded Gulf Stream Coach in 1983 with the goal of constructing luxury motorhomes, fifth-wheel trailers, and travel trailers. The Foxfire travel trailer, which was Gulf Stream’s first RV, benefited from the strategies that had been effective for their housing business.

Gulf Stream Coach was able to include elements in the Foxfire that weren’t typically found in travel trailers. The business kept expanding, and in the 1990s the three sons took over daily management of the business.

The family patriarch and company founder was inducted into the MH/RV Hall of Fame in recognition of his professional accomplishments to the prefabricated housing and recreational vehicle sectors.

Where are Gulfstream Rvs Made?


  • Company name- Gulf Stream
  • Owner- The Shea Company
  • Established- 1983
  • Headquartered- Elkhart, Indiana

With its headquarters in Nappanee, Indiana, Gulf Stream Coach, Inc. also has plants in Goshen and Etna Green.

Offering 26 brands and more than 100 models, the company is the largest privately held full-line recreational vehicle manufacturer in North America. It also employs more than 1,500 men and women in Elkhart County.

Etna Green and Goshen both house manufacturing for the Gulf Stream Coach Corporation. The business was founded in 1983 and evolved from a prior family enterprise that manufactured mobile homes.

What Type of RVs do Gulfstream Produce?

Gulfstream Coach makes a substantial contribution to the range of motorhomes available in the RV market. Fifth wheels, destination trailers, toy haulers, travel trailers, and class A and C motorhomes are some of the company’s best-known products.

We will examine a handful of the company’s well-known models out of the vast assortment it provides.

1. Class B – BT Cruiser

Gulfstream Coach’s BT Cruiser class B models are ideal for people who like driving just as much as they enjoy touring and camping outdoors.

Because they are designed for comfort and feature luxurious furnishings, these models are perfect for those who enjoy camping alone or with a small group of people. However, the BT cruisers have ample space for more passengers than just two.

2. Class C – Conquest Class

 Gulfstream Coach class C motorhomes can be worth taking into consideration if you’re looking for an RV that combines elegance and cost.

These cutting-edge models are renowned for their dependability and have more than 35 years of quality assurance behind them. Due to their huge yet manageable interiors and availability of more than 15 distinct floorplans, the Conquest class C vehicles are the best family motorhomes.

 3. The Innsbruck Lodge Series

It is an absolute fantasy vacation home on wheels, according to Destination Trailers. These setup-and-stay vacation homes are perfect if you and your family wish to stay in one place for a long period of time.

For anyone contemplating a destination trailer that can be utilized all year round, it is worthwhile to take a closer look at these types.

Are Gulfstream Coach RVs Available For All Four Seasons?

Since the majority of the Gulf Stream Coach models include heating and air conditioning, many of them are suited for camping during all four seasons. For instance, the Sedona fifth wheel has both an electric heater and an air conditioner installed on the roof.

There is an add-on option for an air conditioner on some models, such the GSX toy hauler. The best four-season campers by Gulfstream may be those with laminate walls and “built a better way” design since they provide the best insulation for cold climate camping.

Additionally, a lot of the RVs sold under this brand incorporate anti-cold weather features including solar panels, heated remote-control rear mirrors, and warming pads on various storage tanks.

The Most Popular Gulfstream RVs

Since Gulfstream Coach has been a pioneer in the RV market for a long time, many campers and people who love full-time RV living are fans of several of their RV models.

1. BT Cruiser 5316

Customers who purchase the BT Cruiser’s largest model get a sporty RV with lots of great features and conveniences.

Due to how simple it is to operate, the 5316 model is among the most well-liked among those seeking a hitch-free vehicle.

The RV also has a variety of excellent kitchen fixtures and appliances, as well as cozy living room furniture.

2. Conquest 6320

Families like the class C Conquest 6320 because it has a luxurious atmosphere while still being reasonably priced.

With its spacious kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms, this huge RV is ideal for families.

The appliances are residential-sized, and the furnishings are understated yet opulent.

3. Gold Edition 295SBW

An award-winning Gold Edition travel trailer from Gulfstream Coach is very well-liked for its cutting-edge style and high-end functionality.

The 295SBW is equipped with a ton of incredible features, like an outside shower, a 15000 BTU air conditioner, contemporary home appliances, and Wi-Fi readiness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who owns Gulfstream Rv?

The Shea Family is the sole owner of Gulfstream Rv.

Where is the headquarters of Gulfstream Rv?

Elkhart, Indiana.

What is the warranty period of Gulfstream rv?

1 year manufacturer’s warranty and 3 years of limited warranty.


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