Who Makes Forest River Rv

A mobile home is something that has become more of a trend rather than a product of luxury. And sure enough, the Rv’s are growing its popularity rapidly as it adds a comfort zone to our life too!

No matter if you are an Experienced River or not, if you are there to suggest, I’m sure you’ll start with the name- Forest River. But do you know who makes Forest River Rv? Berkshire Hathaway manufactures the renowned recreational vehicles of Forest RVs.

In this article, I’ll be walking you through the main features and origin of Forest RVs and clearing your confusion. So, stay tuned!

Who Makes Forest River Rv
Forest River Rv

Who Makes Forest River Rv?

Forest River Rv is a prime section of Forest river, inc., who make all the proceedings of Rv. And the sole manufacturer of this section is the Berkshire company. So, Berkshire is the American manufacturer who produces their Rv’s.

Forest River is one of the few vehicle companies that offer facilities throughout the West coast, as well as Midwest area. This foretells how rapidly it gained fame and has grown a family of 155,000 members.

It showcases their high- standard value and dependability amongst their customers.

About the Manufacturer

Oliver Chace is the founder of Berkshire Hathaway company who is still known to be the first person to propose the most luxurious outdoor vehicles. He started this in 1839 as a presentation of his vision to offer people enjoy life in a more recreational, dedicated way.

Initially, it was known to be a Textile company located in Rhode island. Later in 1955, Berkshire got in association with Hathaway Manufacturing company and got a massive upward in their textile business. But after World War I, all their investment efforts turned into a disaster.

Then, they rebuilt all the infrastructures of the company and acquired famous brands like Forest River and Acme building brand. In 2022, Berkshire has created a sole place in people’s hearts in terms of dependability, along with durability.

Where are Forest River Rv Manufactured?

Forest River has its main manufacturing plant situated at Elkhart, Indiana. So, most of their dreamy traveling cars and equipment are made there. Earlier, the manufacturing location was Goshen which transferred its placement to offer better shipment.

If you have at least one Rv at your home or you know someone who has bought it, the origin of that Rv would most probably be Elkhart. The reason behind choosing this place is that most of the places of Indiana are directly connected to Railroads, and rivers.

And as the Forest River does the shipment all over the North America including- Midwest and West coast, it is highly possible to choose Elkhart as River Forest’s main manufacturing location to connect it overseas.

What RV Brands Does Forest River Own?

When you are going to buy travel trailers, you’d love to be the owner of the best ones, right? Same goes for any campers, motorhome or toy trailers. But you’d be really surprised to know that almost all of these products of the traveling genre belong to- Forest River.

Till now, Forest River stands at the peak of any traveling guide or equipment you can possibly search for in the market. At present, they own about 25 brands with reputed authority. Following are some examples-

1. Cardinal

Cardinal is a famous brand of Rv that collaborated with Forest River just a few time ago.

The brand recently changed its body structure to a massive sizing. It is now 5 to 6 inches wider than it used to be. WIth huge pass through storage and nicely covered flooring, you can never get tired of it.

2. Aurora

It is a family-owned company with reasonable pricing for all walks of customers. Aurora was one of the first brands that came under the consideration of Forest River.

The functionality and usability of this specific branded Rv is off the chart. Their recent addition also attracted the campers as it contains everything one might need out on the road.

3. Flagstaff

This one’s a bit different if I compare it to other Rv brands. Flagstaff was the only one till the last few years offering electric jack and other electronic gadgets with their mighty Rv’s.

It was the main reason Forest River got in accordance with Flagstaff. Now together, they produce massive Rv’s with a variety of models.The LED striped design makes it look more fancy on Flagstaff Rvs when you are away from home!

Apart from the above ones, Forest River is also the owner of popular brands like- Evo, Forester, FR3, Cedar Creek, Rockwood and so on.

Is Forest Rv Brand worth your Expectations?

The Forest Rv industry is booming right now with the highest production and sales rate. But the question that remains unanswered- is it really worth the money? Well, to understand if it’s coming at the cost of your money, you need to know its features.

All Electronic Front Jack

This feature already makes it a win- win position if you are planning to buy Forest Rv. With this feature, you’ll have a light on the front, power up and down button. The regular pricing of this specific part comes at less than $5.

Also, behind that jack, you can easily accommodate 2 power propane tanks of 20LB!

Pass through Storage

For each Rv, most of the Rv brands would offer you half of the space you’ll get at Forest River. With this brand, you can enjoy a full pass through storage so you can easily fit your objects like- fishing poles, baseball, toys etc.

12- Volt Channel

The manufacturers did a great job on reinventing the wheels with a unique light system with this. They arrange accessories like- USB, speakers, flashlights etc. and make a handle to attach it near the wheels.

So, when you are in need, you can just turn the power on button and get thelighting instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many brands do Forest River own?

More than 20, such as- Aurora, Flagstaff, Evo etc.

Who owns Forest River Rv?

Berkshire Hathaway company.

What is the warranty of Forest River Rvs?

One year from the date of registration or purchase.


That was all from today’s part. If you wish to know more on who makes Forest River Rv, do let me know in the comment section and stay well.