Who Makes Open Range Rv

It all made sense when Open Range company introduced their Rvs in 2014 with outstanding travel trailers. But due to its common retailers in the market, new Rver’s often get confused regarding the Open Range products.

Now, who makes Open Range Rv? Jayco, the popular brand in Rv industry, bought Open Rv in 2014 and made it their retailer brand. For the last 8 years, they’ve been the sole owner of this brand.

If you don’t wish to make any mistake regarding your Rv choice, stay with me till the end and know the unknown facts!

Who Makes Open Range Rv
Open Range Rv

Who Makes Open Range Rv?

Open Range has been a subsidiary of Jayco since 2014. So, Jayco mainly takes care of the manufacturing procedures of Open Range products. After a constructional mutation, the name was changed, and now it is known as Highland Ridge.

The owner of Open Range started his company as a towable motorhome in 2007. After experiencing drastic change and progress both, Open range was sold to Jayco in 2014. However, later in 2016, Jayco was also acquired by Thor industrial corporation.

So now, both of the brands work as a subsidiary of Thor.

About the Jayco Community

Jayco is a family oriented company of 45 years that started its dream of Rv’s with a view to making outdoor campings more comfortable, as well as livable. The dreamer was Gerry Ryan, a production manager at Sunwagon who invented the first prototype camper in 1976.

Initially, Jayco was only an Australian company with the sole production of campers. But as their sales went higher, Gerry introduced the Pop Tops and delivered almost 500 vehicles that year. After that, their line- up started to broaden and he added motorhomes as a signature item.

Where are Open Range RVs Made?

Open range travel trailers and Rvs are manufactured in Middlebury, Indiana. Since Jayco’s establishment in 1968, the company has been producing its most popular items there.

Jayco was one of the first companies in Australia to have introduced their customers with such advanced technology in the early 2000s. Still now, Jayco is believed to stand as the topmost brand to make innovative Rv’s with maximum durability.

Why Would you Choose Open Rv? 5 Exceptional Facts

You are surely aware of the new additions that the owners are up to regarding Rv’s in the market. But as you know that Open Range has been in this field for so many years, be sure of getting a bit more here. Following are some unique features that you’ll get attached to:

1. Exterior Storage in front Area

Normally, floor plans for the competitors of Open Range that offer front wardrobe, do not have this feature. But Open range offers full storage with outside access on the door side, as well as underneath the bed.

So, oftentimes when you get a travel trailer that has a front wardrobe, you give up exterior storage. For that reason, you don’t get space to adjust your bags, tables, outside grills etc.That is why Open Range made sure to engineer this feature.

2. Outside Kitchen

A very important part of every Rv is all the amenities you have in the campsite area. To add a new outlook on that, Open Range introduces you to the outside kitchen area on their Rv’s. In the kitchen, you’ll have a sink with a drain, a refrigerator, storage, and a place for Tv.

And the most unique feature of this part is, you’ll get a griddle which is becoming very popular in households. You can use it instead of any regular grill, or trigger grill to cook your eggs, bacon or grilled items.

3. Complete Double Awning Rv

One more unique feature of this campsite area is that the outside kitchen has its own awning cover. Oftentimes, when you have this setup, you’ll have a big awning that will cover the whole campsite area and take over your personal space.

So, Open Range Rv has its own awning area on the kitchen side which is nice to keep the rain off while you’re cooking. Then there’s a second awning or main awning that ensures to cover a big area and protect your Rv from outer damage.

4. Rear Living Room Coach

You’ll get a ready rear sofa that is a full height of bed. You’ll also get a theater seat which is across from the Tv. Behind the entertainment center, you’ll get what Highlander Inns is very known for- fireplace.

Beside the fireplace, you’ll get ample countertop space. Then, you can also store a twenty-one cube residential refrigerator in that kitchen area. And not the least, you can enjoy a full- pantry with multiple spaces to store grocery items!

5. Two Entranced Bathrooms

Besides your bedroom, you’ll find a bathroom with two entrances. So, you actually have one from the bedroom area which is great because if you have guests that are staying in the back area and you gotta get up in the middle of night, you don’t have to bother.

In the bathroom, you can enjoy a glass shower, full stand up shower, and porcelain stool for a comfortable bath. Then there is a cubby area if you wish to accommodate your toiletries, makeup or even hairspray.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who owns Open Range Rv?

Jayco is the owner of Open Range Recreational vehicles.

What does the Open Range Rv warranty cover?

3 years of structural warranty and 1 year bumper to bumper warranty.

Are Open range Rvs good?

Yes, they offer extraordinary floor designs with better exterior and longevity.


If you are planning to buy an Open Range Rv, then it’s very important to go through the aforementioned properties that are closely related to who makes Open Range Rv. And if you have any more queries, knock me on that particular note for sure.