Detailed Information About Who Makes Redwood RV?

No matter if you are a new Rver or an experienced person in this field, if you don’t know the big brain behind your preferable Rv, you’re half doomed. And in the case of Redwood, you’ll never be able to buy the perfect Rv if you don’t research its manufacturer.

So, who makes Redwood Rv? Redwood Rvs are mainly acquired by THOR industries. For the last 10 years, THOR has the authorization over Redwood.

If you want to go into further detail, stay till the end!

Who Makes Redwood Rv

Who Makes Redwood Rv?

Redwood Rv has been in this automotive industry since 1996, and from their initial days, CrossRoads has remained the sole manufacturer of them. And as now THOR acquired Redwood, THOR officially does all their production of them.

Redwood was one of the few manufacturers who sold less-priced equipment but gave a better finish to the RVs. In early 2010, Redwood began their fifth wheel production with exemplary interiors.

About THOR Industries

Whenever you hear the names- Jayco, DRV or Tiffin, it’s obvious to know the legacy of THOR. THOR is now the largest brand with 17 high-end automotive companies. Recently, the brand has also got the authority of some European companies like- Sunlight and Xplore.

THOR industry was founded by Wade Thompson and Peter Orthwein in 1980. Peter started the brand with the acquisition of Airstream which worked as a game changer for them. In the very first year, Airstream, as well as THOR received awards for its tremendous success.

Then in 1982, THOR purchased General, a Canadian company of the famous fifth wheel. THOR explored its business ideas into small and mid-sized buses but it did not work like Rv equipment. Their legacy still continues in 2022 as the topmost fifth-wheel manufacturer in North America.

Where is Redwood Rvs Manufactured?


  • Company Name- Redwood
  • Established- 1996
  • Headquarter- Indiana
  • Owned by THOR industries

Redwood RVs are mainly produced near Topeka, Indiana county. The company has built its own manufacturing plant there with the highest enforcement of engineers. With more than 1500 employees, Redwood has grown as a popular name in Indiana since 2010.

Across the North American area, Redwood is planning to purchase another land for their 2nd production house. But the CEO has always proposed the Indiana one to remain the headquarters. As per his concept, Indiana is a good place to connect delivery processes.

Redwood Rv Reviews

The recent launching of the Redwood Rv models are definitely aiming to compete with most of the other high-end units. If you specifically go for the Ultra Luxury ones, you can surely guess what Redwood has in their box to offer.

Furrion Wireless Prep

You have the three-sided camera system here, so you can see the back and the sides if you simply add them to this unit. This is completely prepared for it though. Another good thing is, you’ll get LED markers as well to ensure it’s a good choice to drive.

This unit is going to have a gross vehicle weight rating, relatively light for its size of 17900 pounds. This has an unloaded or a driveway to 14949 pounds that runs 8000 pound axles. With 17.5 inches h- rated tires, you can actually have a total of 16000 pounds worth of axile capacity.

Marvelous Front Storage

To open it up, you’ll get a nice strut so that it doesn’t hit your upper area of Rv. With nice baggage doors this is a full body painted unit which is really nice at this price. Going inside the storage, you’ll see a flat panel wall to organize your accessories.

Another fun fact is that Redwood uses a water manifold system instead of the traditional kind of spider web of plumbing that you see in most of Rvs. Only a few brands actually utilize this and Rv is one of them.

You’ll also have your in- command system there known as- intelligent monitoring system.

Rubber Cushioned Suspension

This is their upgraded cushion system which is probably the best system they make. This is not an independent suspension system, this is the OEM version of the SRE 4000. 17-inch nice-looking wheels make it more comfy and organized.

On the corner side, Redwood Rv does have the level-up auto leveling- pretty much expected on any of the high-end RVs. But one thing that makes it unique is its electronic cord reel on the side of the backside wheels. The waste tank valve is also right there if you’ve missed it!

What are the Complaints about Redwood Rv?

After 2017 when redwood got 84th position out of 303 in the ranking of Motorhomes and Trailers category, people believed it to be an unworthy option to entrust their money on. But later on, the company published their internal problems to get these facts clarified.

Now, the most frequent complaints that customers say are- the increasing price of new models, lack of precise heating system, poor workmanship etc. In reply to these queries, the owner of Redwood launched about 5 models recently that cover all the solutions to these!

Redwood Rv Warranty

Redwood recreational vehicles, especially fifth wheels offer you a 2- year of limited warranty on Base equipment. Then for Structural parts, you will get a 3-year of warranty.

But remember that this warranty period would start after your installation procedure. Also, you can only avail the opportunity if you maintain all their steps before and after your buying. If the fault is from your side, they’d not give you the same scope.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who owns Redwood Rv?

THOR industry is the main owner of Redwood Rv.

Can you return an Rv after purchase?

Yes, within 3 days- if the fault is from the manufacturer’s side.

How can I contact Redwood customer service?

Simply call on (855) 226-7496.

Final Words

I have tried to cover all the ins and outs about who makes Redwood Rvs. If you are still confused or in a dilemma about who makes Redwood Rv, comment below and let me help!

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