Who Makes East to West Rv

In the world of Recreational vehicles, almost half of the companies are either entangled or acquired by a specific brand. So when you don’t dig into history, you might end up deceiving yourself. And talking of Rvs, East to West companies offer you some best models in your hand.

So who makes East to West Rv? Forest River, the renowned brand with 20+ subsidiary companies has welcomed their new member, namely East to West. Forest River produces all their Rvs and travel trailers.

Let’s dig into these to make better decisions about RVs!

Who Makes East to West Rv
East to West Rv

Who Makes East to West RVs?

East to West is not a very old company. But after the acquisition of forest Rv, East to West rapidly has grown throughout Northern America. So, Forest River is the company who makes East to West products.

The manager Lindsey Espiritu says that they are now focusing on building more Rvs with Limited floor plans but better durability.

He also says that all of their employees as well as co-workers are well trained, specifically in the automotive industry to cope up with the newest technical world of gadgets.

About Forest River

As the name suggests, Forest River has always been the brand that helps enthusiastic people to enjoy their summer days like a river. It is an American manufacturer that produces recreational vehicles, pontoon boats, buses and travel trailers.

After its establishment in 1996, Forest River has never looked back in terms of success and satisfaction. After its formation in the 1900s, Forest RV was a quite demandable company. But the CEO Peter Liegl wanted to spread their Fame worldwide and from that thought, it went on under Berkshire Hathaway in 2005.

Since then it has secured more than 20 brands and formed a sle group now, namely FROG. Starting from a famous lineup of travel trailers to comfortable buses like Starcraft Bus, Champion bus, Eldorado Motor corp– every vehicle is made by Forest.

Where are East-to-West Rvs made?


  • Company name- East to West Inc.
  • Owner- Forest River
  • Headquartered- Elkhart, Indiana
  • Established- 2017

Forest River now has about 27 subsidiary brands with thousands of varieties of vehicles under them. To combine these all gadgets, as well as vehicle transformations, East to West prefers Elkhart, Indiana as their manufacturing place in the US.

Throughout the United States, especially in the Northern part, Forest River RV has about 100 manufacturing plants. But they are headquartered at Elkhart as this is one of the best areas to perform pollutant-free production as well as deliver products on a precise note.

However, the CEO of East to West confirmed that they have a plan to form a new and sole plan for them very soon. To name some of their popular subsidiaries- East to West, Prime time Cargo mates are some to understand their position in the automotive industry.

Why Should you Buy an East to West Rv?

The East to West brand is relatively new in the market and a little bit traditional in terms of their floor plans and styling. But here, I’m going to walk through one today to give you an immense idea about where you’re spending your money.

Following are some feature that makes East to West Rvs stand out from others:

1. Large Frontside

In the front of this Rv it has a power tongue jack, dual 25 pound propane cans. It can support dual batteries on the front. You’d have to get a dual case for incorporating the batteries though because the cases are a little bulky on the side.

It might prevent you from fitting both of them in there.

2. Extend and Retract Feature

Just in the middle of front and back part of this Rv, you’ll get an extend and retract feature for both your front and rear stabilizers. It’s kind of cool that they put them on the middle portion next to each other. Oftentimes, there’s one in the front and one in the back.

You also have your fresh water low point drain under the cart as well. You’ll be surprised to know that this unit actually has a drop frame also. It rides on an eight- inch style channel with a section that drops beneath it and that’s going to be your front pass- through storage.

3. Rack and Pinion Slide System

This feature has recently become very popular and East to West is one of the first brands to use this on their Rvs. With this system, you can easily pack your belongings and get those into the Rv with a slide.

Also beside this slide, there is a specialized headlight that was a demand of the customers for a really long time. If you have to come out on that part and do anything, especially with your sewer connection, you’re often doing it dark. But now, this lighting solves it all!

What is the Warranty Period of East to West Rv?

As Prime Time is a Forest River product, the customers will get all the safety precautions and warranty that FROG (Forest River Owner’s Group) serves. From their unlimited programs, the first one you’ll get is- one year of FREE Roadside assistance.

Other than that, you can also enjoy Digital Owner’s manuals and a Free card of membership. After installation of your newly bought recreational vehicle, you will have limited towable warranty, limited track camper warranty of 1 year and motorized warranty.

To know the detail of their offer, simply visit their website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who owns East to West Rv?

Forest River Rv is the sole owner of East to West Rvs.

Where is the East to West manufacturing plant headquartered?

They have several manufacturing areas, but mainly it is situated at Elkahrt, Indiana.

What is the customer rating of east to West Rv?

On an average note, East to West gets 4 star reviews.


It is a misconception among people that a newer brand means more complexity, but if you look at the history of most of the renowned brand of today, it was their first year that made the difference.

As I already talked a lot about who makes East to West Rv, now it’s your time to think of this newly formed and a bit more and make your decision!