Lippert Slide-Out Problems

If you are a seasoned RV owner, then it is most likely that you have heard of the Lippert slide-out. Once the stock slide-out gives up on you, the Lippert slide-out is one of the most suggested ones. Although they have a reputation in the industry but as nothing is perfect so are these devices.

This post discusses several typical Lippert slide-out problems, their origins, and potential solutions. With some technical depth, you should be able to solve most of these problems.

Lippert Slide-Out Problems

Common Lippert Slide-Out Problems and the Solutions

Yes, it is true that lipper slide-outs have problems but they are not unsolvable. Here are the solution to most common lippert slide-out problems:

1. Room Doesn’t Move When the Switch is Pressed

This problem is often caused by obstruction or restriction from the outside or inside the system. Obstruction can be caused by worn-out parts, debris, or anything in between.

A few other common causes are low battery, defective wiring, and a blown fuse. Any of these events can immobilize the room when the switch is pressed.


The fix for these causes starts by taking a deep look into the system. First, you will have to make sure if it is debris or not. In case, it is caused by debris then pick that out and replace the part it is caused by worn out parts.

Verify the battery’s voltage and charge it if necessary. Locate the fuse and verify it; replace it if blown. Examine the wiring and battery terminals. Search for disconnected, corroded, or loose connectors. If you feel like out of your depth then take it to a repair shop.

2. Actuator Motor Runs but the Room Does not Move

A typical culprit for this issue is an actuator that is not fastened to the drive bracket for front installation. The actuator cannot change the energy to move the room if it is lost.

Another typical reason is a bad motor or gear housing. The room won’t move if the motor breaks down or the gear housing is damaged.


Verify the jam and Nylock nuts. Make sure they are adjusted and tightened correctly. You could save some money by tightening them yourself if you discovered that they were loose.

You will need to replace the motor if the gear is broken or the motor is bad. There is no alternative to that.

3. Room Stalls in Mid-Travel

Rooms in RVs often stall due to electric malfunction. Another leading cause is the damaged actuator. As it cannot efficiently transform electric energy into rotational energy.


You should first use the manual override to quickly move the room before trying the electric switch again. This approach frequently makes the issue go away. Actuator replacement is necessary if it fails.

4. Power Issues

The most common issue with your Lippert slide-out is that it will not come out when you press the button on it. These slides are miniature rooms that may be expanded with a single click. One thing to keep in mind is that these will only extend while your vehicle is parked.


You may use a voltmeter to check the voltage in this button to see whether it is damaged. Also, be sure you check all of the wirings for this, as some of them may have fallen loose.

Replacing any broken wires or reconnecting any loose ones may also assist your slides resume operation.

5. Motor Might Be Faulty

If all else fails, there is a good likelihood that the motor in your slides has been destroyed. However, keep in mind that the only method to test this gadget is to take it out.

If you know its function, you may unhook the motor for your slides and test it with a voltmeter. Taking resistance readings after attaching the motor to a battery should help you determine whether or not it is damaged.


If it becomes damaged, you must replace it by contacting Lippert. They will send you replacement components, but you must supply them with information about your problem.

If, on the other hand, you are apprehensive, you should entirely retract the slides using the manual wheel supplied by the gadget. You may then take your car to Lippert or a Lippert-approved dealer to get it tested.

How to Manually Override the System?

Times may come when you will have to manually override the system. This section will help you to understand how to manually override the system.

Outside Frame

Find the crank extension with the pin outside of the main rail of the chassis (Fig. 1). This is where the crank handle for manually extending and retracting the room attaches (Fig. 2). To retract the slide-out and extend it, turn the crank handle in a clockwise direction.

It’s vital to note that because the actuator is “manual ready,” you DO NOT need to attempt to disconnect the motor. Simply connect and turn.

Outside Slide Frame

Inside Frame

The actuator’s top hex head crank extension inside the chassis main frame (Fig. 3).

Rotate the extension clockwise to retract the slide-out and counterclockwise to extend the slide-out using a 3/4′′ socket and ratchet (Fig. 4).

It’s vital to note that because the actuator is “manual ready,” you DO NOT need to attempt to disconnect the motor.

Outside rv slide inside Frame

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What would cause a slide-out on a camper not to work?

You must ensure that there is enough power available for the slide-out to function properly. The slide-out could also be misaligned or be obstructed by something.

How do you reset a slide-out motor?

Go to the switch and depress the out button until the slide-out is fully extended. The slide would then be brought in 8 to 10 inches by pressing the in button. We would then repeat this process at least three times until the system was completely retimed.

How do you clear the LF error on a Lippert leveling system?

This will be accomplished by lengthening all jacks by at least 6 inches. Then, hold down the retract button until the jacks retract. All of the jacks should fully retract and the mistake should be cleared.

Can you manually push in a slide-out?

Yes, the RV slide-out may be manually pushed in. You can find the location of the slide motor by consulting the owner’s manual.


Whether you’re setting up camp or packing up to leave back home, your slide-outs may refuse to slide. This may be really irritating, especially when you can’t travel with the slides sticking out, and you can’t camp comfortably with the slides all the way in.

RV slide-outs are propelled by basic rack and pinion machinery. Overall, resolving and avoiding RV slide-out issues does not have to be difficult.

Follow my recommendations to maintain your unit running well and avoid problems and canceled trips. Manually relocating your RV slide-out is an option if you have no other alternative, but it is tricky.