Who Makes Highland Ridge Rv? (Guide with Pros and Cons)

If you’ve accidentally got into any troublesome affair with your Rv, the first thing you’d look for is the manufacturer behind it, right? In case you don’t know the origin you might end up getting the wrong precautions or settings. And for Highland, it is the initial step.

So, do you know who makes Highland Rv? Jayco, the renowned automotive brand of fifth-wheel and recreational vehicles as the manufacturer of Highland Rv. Based in Australia, Jayco strives to serve its customers in terms of travel trailers throughout the country.

So, let’s stick to the end!

Who Makes Highland Ridge Rv

Who makes Highland Rv?

Highland Rv, earlier known as Open Range Rv, was acquired by Jayco in 2014. SInce then, all the automotive products, especially the famous Rvs are produced in the very manufacturing plant owned by Jayco.

But it’s worth mentioning that Highland operates its own products with their own name.

Highland Rv was earlier Open Range Rv with brilliant success in the Northern Australian market. Founded in 2007, Highland Ridge has built compact travel trailers of more than 20 specifications. Apart from that, Jayco also owns Alante, Embark, Precept etc.

About Jayco Group

Jayco is an Australian Rv company with the fame for making some best traveling products and trailers. For more than 45 years, Jayco has been in the top list for being the most trustworthy, as well as the reasonable brand in Australia.

Founded in 1968 by Lioyd and Bertha Bontrager, Jayco was initially only a company of fold-down trailers. The owners started this business in their little space of a chicken hut only as an experiment. But it kicked off in the very first year and they sold 132 trailers.

Now, Jayco works under THOR industries which is an American manufacturing company and it enables Jayco’s American proceedings from there. Be it THOR or Highland or Open Range, it’s always Jayco who works behind with a popular fame.

Where are Highland Rvs made?

Since Highland is acquired by Jayco now and all of their vehicles, and equipment are made by Jayco, Highland uses Jayco’s plant for this processing. And as Jayco prefers Middlebury, Indiana as their headquarters, Highland also uses that as their main plant.

Indiana is famous for many reasons. But if you are thinking from an automotive point of view then Indiana is the best option for International delivery. As it is the connecting place of water and railways, Highland owners can easily deliver and receive goods here.

Highland Rv Reviews: Pros and Cons

The first thing you’ll search for to ensure about the model you’ve chosen from Highland is to see its reviews. On that note, the following are some pros and cons you need to know-


  1. Almost all the models of Highland Rv offer you a spacious floor plan with high-quality construction.
  2. The company offers a great replacement offer if you buy a product from Highland and wish to replace it with another one.
  3. You will get extra bunk beds and sofas apart from the bedroom furniture that would make your journey more comfortable.
  4. Not to mention, the unique fireplace system which makes Highland rare and better are one of the main reasons to choose it.


  1. Some customers say that the converter seems to fall out after the warranty period.
  2. Air- conditioners might need to be replaced after a year or two.
  3. Digital Thermocontrols are noisy and burner cycles don’t seem to stop running. It causes the lesser durability of the engines.

Is Highland Ridge Rv Worth your Expectations?

Expectations are regarded as satisfactory when you meet your needs with your preferable amount. Earlier, some customers did have some issues with Highland, but with their recent features, they’ve overcome those all-

Whisper Quiet AC Feature

All the Highland Ridge Rv models now come with the whisper-quiet air AC feature. You’ll have a 15000 btu of air conditioning system in your main living space. Then in the bedroom, you’re going to have 13500 btu air.

The nicest thing here is that you can watch a movie in your bed, shut the air off of your central area and you can still enjoy the fresh air coming through the vents. All their vents are adjustable and coupled with their great insulation, and pvc ensures nice, cold weather.

Exterior Triple Seal

Talking of the triple seal on the corner edges on the outside area of Rvs, every end cap, and side cap comes together with 3m flashing tape as the first layer. On top of that, the owners put butyl sealant and screwed a top piece on with powder-coated screws.

Now the significance of these three layers is that the first layer withholds temperatures from negative 40 all the way up to 240 degrees. And then the butyl sealant and the powder-coated screws give it a nice look, as well as prevent your vehicle from being hampered in water.

How long is the Warranty Period of Highland Rv?

In terms of Recreational Vehicles, warranty works quite in the opposite function. WHere normal cars and motorhomes tend to offer warranty for a longer period of time, Rvs offer warranty on a slower version or mode. The reason behind it is the infrastructural equipment.

As for Highland Rvs, the owner gives you a 3 years warranty on a limited basis for structural parts. Then to give you an extra mile of comfort, the manufacturer also gives you a 1- year of extra warranty precisely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who owns Highland Ridge Rv?

Jayco group owns Highland Ridge Rvs.

Is Highland Ridge a good Rv?

Yes, with high durability and features like- quiet ac and long awnings, thai point is ensured.

What is the official site of Highland Ridge Rv?



That was all from my part here. I know it’s hard to cover all the points about who makes Highland Ridge Rv in a single article. But if you are really intended to buy your preferable Rv, then this article is enough to get a go!

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