Who Makes Mallard Rv? Detailed Brand Information

If you are planning to buy a Mallard Rv or travel trailer but don’t know its manufacturer, you’re just on the right page. With light building materials and ultra-powered specs, Mallard is definitely a good Choice. When you’ll know about the founder behind it, you’ll surely want to buy this.

Who makes Mallard Rv? Heartland Rv is the main owner of Mallard Rvs now. They import all the fundamental elements for making and producing their Rvs under their name.

To know more about it, let’s not talk about anything else and dive into it.

Who Makes Mallard Rv

Who Makes Mallard Rv?

It’s the Heartland Rvs that make Mallard buses, pontoons, RVs, and travel trailers of different wheels. Near 2010, the company made this purchase with a view to extending its chain of fifth wheels.

Almost all of the Mallard Rvs are based on the concept of an open ending. They like to keep this space for a storage system, as well as proper accommodation. Their new addition of LED lighting is also something you’d not want to miss!

About the Heartland Rv


  • Company name- Mallard Coach Corporation
  • Owner name- Heartland Rv
  • Established- 1969
  • Headquarters- Elkhart, Indiana

When I say Heartland, people sometimes mistake it as related to Damon corp. The reason behind this is that both of the companies have the same name and founder. Brian Brady, the former CEO of Damon Corp founded Heartland in 2003.

Along with Brian, some of my friends were also included in the financial criteria while establishing Heartland Rv. They launched their first fifth wheel production in March of 2004 and it was a great hit. Their production continued till 2010 and it was the year when Fleetwood joined the team.

With Fleetwood, Heartland got the ownership of Prowler, Terry, Mallard, Pioneer, and Wilderness. But there were some immense issues between the president and CEO. So, Heartland was sold to THOR industries in September the same year and still it’s on them.

Where Are Mallard Rv Made?

Mallard Rvs are now under Heartland company whose main manufacturing is based in Indiana. Mallard Rvs are made specifically in Elkhart, Indiana. But their small gadgets like pontoons are mostly made in Nampa, Idaho, depending on their recruitment and availability of spaces.

Mallard is an American brand of Rv with several manufacturing plants across the Northern area of the US. But the company is from the very beginning situated their main plants in Elkhart and haven’t moved it since then.

So, Indiana is still the main place for pricing their signature vehicles.

Are Mallard Rvs Any Good?

At just hair over 22 feet long, roughly 4500 to 4600 pounds dry- I am talking about the upgraded camping experience for the adventurous couple. The beautiful Mallard RVs from Heartland is not only pleasing to see, but also if you look at the features, you’ll know its worth-

1. Extended Bedroom Area

The first thing that will attract your attention is the King sized bed of the bedroom. The bed is so comfy that if you want to move it on the South side, or towards North, you can do both. The upgraded mattress is also outstanding to offer you the best comfort you need.

After that, there are LED lights on both sides, as well as chubby storage on either side. As for the interior designs, you’ll see the textured glass leading into your storage up top. Not to mention, the USB ports, space for cell- phones and enlarged campsite makes Mallard unique.

2. Infinity Edge Kitchen

As for the kitchen, the company offers you the most upgraded feature of a Masterchef kitchen. Pressed solid surface countertop, infinity edges, molded and rounded under-mounted stainless steel style sink. The high-rise faucet and rustic-style decor make the space my favorite.

On the upper portion, you’ll find the solid wood cabinetry. This one being smaller, you gotta remember that it’s only 22 feet long and 4600 pounds dry with one slide. And the slide just houses that little sleeper sofa in the bedroom.

3. Ducted Furnace

The most interesting fact here is that you will get a 30000 BTU furnace and an LPO2 detector. The furnace is ducted and the ac, right on the top corner with the quick cool dump is there with a 13.5 BTU unit. As other companies say, bigger is better, you might not believe it for RVs.

After that, the company gives surety about the furnace being compact, lightweight, and comfy. On a very quick note and highest force, it cleans the entire ambiance and throws all the microbial germs outside your Rv.

What is the Warranty Period for Mallard Rv?

Apart from reasonable pricing, Mallard is one of those companies who give you the scope of 1 year Manufacturer’s warranty, as well as an extended warranty when you need it. Just after your purchase, the manufacturer would take 24 to 48 hours to read all the warranty procedures.

Additionally, you can claim 3 years of the limited warranty that covers the followings-

  • Roof Materials Installation.
  • All slide-out boxes & Applicable Structural Components.
  • Skeletal Framing (Wall Studs, Floor Joists, Roof Rafters)
  • Sidewalls (Laminated & Non-Laminated)
  • Roof (Laminated & Non-Laminated)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who makes Heartland Mallard RVs?

Heartland is the owner of Mallard Rv and now THOR owns them both.

What is the warranty of Mallard Rv?

1 year of manufacturer’s warranty and 3 years of limited parts warranty.

Is Mallard a good camper?

Not only for campers, but Mallard is also a good option for Rvs and travel trailers too as for durability and pricing.


If you search for an Rv that suits both satisfaction and pricing, then you are searching for a fantasy- that’s right. What I mean is, this statement was true even some years ago. But now as you are on this page and looking for Mallard Rv, I must say you are about to find one!

Now as you also know who makes Mallard Rv and travel trailers, I hope it has become easy for you to decide on your purchase. Don’t be late before someone snatches your fortune!

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