Who Makes Mesa Ridge Rv

When you don’t know the actual manufacturer of Mesa Ridge Rv, there is a huge chance you can get into a trap of fake names. As an outdoor person or enthusiast, it’s important to know what should be your Rv choice, along with its specific origin to avoid those scams.

So, who makes Mesa Ridge Rv? Mesa Ridge is a subsidiary of Highland Rv. Highland was purchased by Jayco in 2014, and since then, Mesa Ridge is indirectly in the control of it. But if you ask about direct ownership, it’s Highland.

If you want to know on a deeper root, stay till the end!

Who Makes Mesa Ridge Rv
Mesa Ridge Rv

Who Makes Mesa Ridge Rv?

Mesa Ridge Rv is a well-known brand purchased by Highland almost 10 years ago. As of now, Highland takes care of their production area, manufacturing plants and related proceedings.

Highland has grown up as a high-end brand throughout the last few years. But after its collaboration with Mesa, they have been able to produce newer models of fifth-wheel engines. So, next time you buy a Mesa Travel Trailer, you can see a highland seal on the upside area!

About the Manufacturer


  • Company name- Mesa Ridge Rv
  • Owner- Highland Ridge Rv
  • Founded- 2014
  • Headquarter- Indiana

Focusing on real-life problems, the owners of highland started a line of the fifth wheel that would serve as a game changer in the future. You can find comfortable travel trailers with much less weight and high-end infrastructure.

It all started in 2014 when the most renowned brand Jayco proposed to buy Highland. When Jayco acquired Open Range, there seemed to be some trouble in launching the new models of the travel trailer. And at that time, Highland was the most suitable choice for them.

However, Highland is also famous for offering more rooms within a reasonable budget, higher durability, and less compensation. Their new RVs include flush floor slide as well as outdoor patio that makes these models better and unique.

Is Mesa Ridge a Good Rv?

After having some negative reviews on kitchen and electricity areas, the engineers came back with the new launchment of Mesa Ridge Rv in 2019. From then till now in 2022, the company has launched at least a quarter of new Rv models with highest improvement.

Look up to the following characteristics and decide whether or not it is a good option-

1. 4 Point Auto- Level Floorplan

The best thing about this floorplan is that you get dual awnings- almost full coverage on this coach. It is about 36 foot and weighs about 10, 500 pounds. Under the slide out, you’ll get an outside panel where you can install an outside TV.

In the very same area, you will get drawers and a little pull out shelf to arrange your things precisely.

2. 23 Cubic Refrigerator (optional)

One thing that’s unique about Mesa Rv is that they don’t run the water lines outside the slide floor. They keep the water line back into the coach , inside the refrigerator so it’s not going to freeze up.

The other thing which they do is they have a service access door beside the slide. So, if you ever had a service problem, the service technician could come over there and check the compressor or water leakage.

3. Large Kitchen Area

Just at the front side, you’ll see a large bowl sink with a steel strainer and cutting board. The floor plan gives you a lot of workspace, a lot of counter space with a window over the stove.

Then in the back area, you’ll have a desk space and a huge pantry. On its side, the most unique feature is their table with storage and a pullout leaf extension. With a wraparound surface, the kitchen can not get more delicate.

What is the Warranty Period of Mesa Ridge Rv?

For the structural parts of the Mesa Ridge Rv, you will get a 3 year warranty. You can claim this warranty after the installation procedures. Also, you have to be done with your registration.

And from the manufacturer’s end, you will get an additional 1 year of warranty. But if there is any fault from your side, you can’t be proven eligible for any of those.

How Can you Have the best Mesa Ridge Rv Experience?

Mesa Ridge is undoubtedly one of the best Rv options in today’s competitive market. But if you know how to utilize most of it, you can enrich its beauty a bit more! Here’s how:

1. Utilize the Campside Awning

There are a few things you need to take into consideration while parking. On your camp side, you have a slide as well as an awning off that slide. As because it would take the most room on your camping side, be sure to spare enough space for a comfortable in and out.

2. Power and water Connection

Your power is going to plug in all the way back in the rear corner. On your driver’s side, and off camp side is the best position to be plugged in. Different models have a specific place for this connection, but mostly it’s the rear side.

Then your water connection and the whole docking station is going to be toward the front. So, park accordingly so you can utilize facilities at the campside.

3. Auto Leveling System

Once you arrive to unhook your hitch, we are going to level our unit. The auto-level unit consists of 2 arrows standing upside down. Simply touch both arrows at the same time which turns it on. You can unhook your hitch by pressing on the upper arrow and get your vehicle out of the way.

Once your vehicle is up out of the way, you’re just going to touch auto level. So, it’s a good system for a new River too! Make sure to drop your landing legs a little bit to avoid any accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where are Mesa Ridge Rvs made?

Indiana county.

Who owns Mesa Ridge Rv?

Highland Ridge Rv.

Can you drive an RV through Mesa verde?

Yes, in Summer.

Final Words

This was all about who makes a mess of Ridge Rv and travel trailers. There are many added queries in our next articles for you too. So, stay with us and fulfill your Rv quest!