Who Makes Prime Time Rv?

It’s very important to know from where you’re buying your Rv before knowing which one you’re buying. There are a lot of options in the market, but for efficiency, then Prime is the only option. But when you get in a dilemma about these Rvs, it’s only the origin on which you can trust.

So, who makes Prime Time Rv? Prime Time Rv is one of the most favorite brands in the Northern part of America. The company is acquired by Forest River Inc., and they solely manufacture all of Prime’s renowned products.

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Who Makes Prime Time Rv?
Prime Time Rv

Who Makes Prime Time Tv?

Forest River Inc. bought PrimeTime a few years ago and since then, Forest river manufactures all of their automotive products. As Forest River is also a Berkshire Hathaway company, some might suggest that Hathaway produces Prime Time.

Prime Time company came into the power of fame when they launched a few of their Rvs in 2009. The automotive world already had travel trailers and wheelers, but the specialized infrastructure that Prime Time invented was certainly new.

In 2023, even after 13 years of their establishment, they never got out of their rank in terms of customer satisfaction.

About the Forest River


  • Company name- Prime Time
  • Manufacturer- Forest River Rv
  • Established- 2009
  • Headquartered- Indiana

Peter Liegl founded Forest River in 1996 with a clear vision to make people believe in enjoyment away from home. The first thing he wanted to ensure that people don’t miss their home when he’s away on weekends.

From that point of view, he built the company in such a way that it can offer traveling equipment with a touch of homely feeling. It is a Berkshire Hathaway company with more than 25 companies under them. For each product, they get through several standard levels.

In case you doubt their productivity procedures, there is also a scope to check the manufacturing process in person too. However, it has now become one of the largest manufacturers of Recreational vehicles, as well as motorhomes all over the world.

How is Forest River’s Prime Time Different from other Subsidiaries?

If you are looking for an Rv that works for entertainment and blend you into the comfort of fifth wheel, Prime Time is the best choice you’ve got-

1. Massive Windshield Front

This brand new redesigned front cap, power tongue jack and electric stabilizer in the front and rear of this unit is unlike any other models. The tracers that are formed on the furrion observation system work precisely.

Backup camera prep gives the customer the ability to see 360 degrees when they’re towing.

2. Large Awning Area

Just on the side area of the front part, Prime Time offers the first awning. This is going to come out as the role player that makes the campsite even larger. And then, when we get to the back, there is a second awning again.

This Rv is 38 feet 2 inches from tip to tip and these both awnings are almost going to give a complete coverage for your campsite.

3. Versatile Entertainment Center

On the backside of the Rv, there is a huge entertainment Center consisting of outside speakers, a TV Mount, and 110 hookups. So on your game day you can tailgate by watching your favorite sports team where the magic happens

4. Vast Inside Arrangement

If you have ever wondered how to enjoy the feel of a travel tailor and a fifth wheel both I think you are just on the right board. In this specific brand of 38 feet vehicle, you are going to have two ac’s, two fireplaces, 3 slides, one of them being a 70 by 80 king size bed.

At the living room slash kitchen, you’ll have opposing slides. This is the main focal point of this Rv for entertainment or livability. Again standard theater seats, a bed sofa, and the upgraded freestanding dinner hall will make your summer days cooler!

5. High- maintained Automotive Products

No matter where you go, without automotive gadgets your world is empty. To emphasize on that note Prime Time offers enough technicalities on your Rvs. As for the kitchen island, you’ll have the upgraded furrion chef collection. Cooktop burners are sealed here.

Then you’ll have a 30 inch residential microwave there allowing youtube to do a lot more with the additional space. Lastly, the 17 cube fridge instead of 110, that carries 12 volts would spare you from using an inverter.

How is the Customer Service of Prime Time?

Every customer is an asset to Prime Time as their one review matters a lot. To ensure a proper balance in customer service, Prime Time maintains a 24/7 call- service as well as in-person service option.

Even the company is always ready to share all the directions and answer your questions. All you need to do is direct your specific queries to the Prime Time team members. And by any chance, if you can’t be directed to them, simply leave a message.

As for the Free Roadside Assistance they have the following services:

  • Towing
  • Tire Assistance
  • Winch out
  • Technical Support
  • Rv Mobile Mechanic and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who owns Prime Time Rv?

Forest River Inc. owns Prime Time gadgets.

What is the warranty period of prime Time?

1 to 3 years.

What is the headquarters of Prime Time?

It’s in Indiana county.

How long is the lifetime of Prime Time RVs?

In general, it’s 10 to 15 years.

Final Words

I’ve tried to make you aware of the facts you should know before choosing an Rv. As a buyer, it’s important to look at the behind facts along with the outlook. If you have already read this article, you know which new additions I’m talking about!

Now as you know who makes Prime Time Rv, I guess you are now prepared to go for it!